The Fig Tree Prophecy

Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and puteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:
-Matthew 24:32

The Olivet discourse was known to be one of the most well-known eschatological writings in the Bible. Its simple and direct prophetic revelation make it popular not only to students of eschatology but also to those people who are not knowledgeable on symbolism of prophecies. Aside from this, these prophecies was revealed by Jesus Christ himself as the signs of his second coming.

During his conversation with four of his disciples, he revealed to them the destruction of the Jewish Temple, the rise of false Christ and prophets, upcoming wars, famines, plagues, earthquakes and persecutions. He also warned them of the inevitable event that will happen to Jerusalem in the latter days. When all the nations of the world shall gather themselves around the city and set up the abomination of desolation. All these and more, he explained to them and gave a sign as the basis of his coming in a parable commonly called as the “parable of the fig tree.”

Fig Tree

Throughout the pages of the Bible the fig tree is known to be prophetic symbol of the nation of Israel. After the destruction of the Jewish Temple (70 A.D.) by the Roman military tribune Titus, most of the Jews were dispersed throughout the land of the Roman empire. Later, in 7th century the rise of Islam in the east captured the holy city of Jerusalem and almost all the Jews and Christians were forced to embraced the new religion for their security.

For almost two thousand years, the Jews were deprived to live on their promised land but not until the dawn of the 20th century. In 1917, during the World War I, the British government reestablished the nation of the Jews in Palestine as expressed in the Balfour Declaration. Jews all over the world rejoiced from this new development and most of them once again returned to Israel. Two decades later, in 1948, Israel finally became an independent state. Furthermore, the nation reclaimed the holy city of Jerusalem in 1967. Thus, the ancient prophecy of gathering of the nation of Israel from all the corners of the world was fulfilled. Since then, most of the Bible scholars and students of eschatology are paying more attention on the new development of the prophecy concerning Israel and its major role in the second coming of the Lord.

The Tender Branch

The branch which is yet tender refers to the early years after the Jews were gathered again in the nation promised by God to the seeds of Jacob. During the earlier years of the century, most of the prophecies included in the Olivet Discourse were fulfilled. Although some of them already happened in the past, yet only during these latter years the prophecies were not only experienced in one nation or two but worldwide. Some of these notable events were the two World Wars, the rise of pandemic diseases like the Spanish flu, Aids, SARS, AH1N1, and development of various cancers, major earthquakes, tsunamis, famine and beginning of global warming. On the other hand, many political leaders established confederacy of nations like League of Nations, NATO, United Nations, USSR, Asean Summit and European Union which could be the precursors of the gathering of nations against Israel.

Fig Tree
The Fig Tree

Puteth Forth Leaves

When the prophecy of Israel (fig tree) are unfolding one after another then it is already stretching forth its leaves. For all must come to pass as signs and wonders of his coming, in accordance to the prophecy written in the Word of God.

One of the most notable prophecy is written in the book of Zechariah, which foretells the day that the Jews shall defend their land mightily that even the feeble one shall be as mighty as David (Zechariah 12:8). This prophecy was once came to pass when the small nation of Israel, successfully defended the nation against the conspiracy of their neighboring countries during the Six-Day War. The war which seems impossible to won became the crowning glory of the people of Israel against their oppressors.

Egypt, Syria and Jordan lost almost all of their air forces and much of their weaponry during the war. A stunning defeat that paralyzed most of their ground forces against the great advantage of the Israeli troops in the air. There were about 300 Israeli died in Egypt and Gaza alone, but it’s just a very small number of as compared to the casualties of the Egyptians which lost 10,000 men. The aftermath of the war claimed about 11,000 Egyptians, 6,000 Jordanians and 1,000 Syrians while Israel only have 700 casualties. An obvious supremacy of Israeli forces who became mighty men like David during those days. Therefore, the event sheds light to the shadow that thousands of years ago was foretold in the Bible. Just as how a shepherd boy killed a giant who mocked the Israelites, so it was also in the Six Days War.

Prophetic Status: Partially fulfilled and almost complete.
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